Recent articles from Geographical magazine

Below are links to some recent articles from Geographical magazine that may be useful for the A2 Unit 3 exam …

Lessons from China’s coal consumption:

The environmental damage of the Fort McMurray fire:

Arrested development: the story of Laos’ controversial dams:

Mixed outlook on SDGs for Asia-Pacific:

Nuclear Power:



Why should you study Geography?

I am going to make a wall display to inspire the 3rd Form to take Geography at GCSE. I would love to know your reasons for studying Geography.

  • Why did you opt to take it at GCSE?
  • Why did you continue your studies at A Level?
  • For those of you who are currently studying a Geography related degree at uni – why did you pick your course?
  • What skills have you gained from studying Geography?
  • Why is it a relevant subject?

Please post your ideas and comments by replying to this comment or email me at

Thank you 🙂

Miss Taylor


5th and 6th Form Discussion Group 28th Jan 2016

This week we will be discussing the following BBC news article:

‘Are cities the new countries?’

Think about issues of contemporary urbanisation, both good and poor examples of cities, lessons we can learn from cities and scale of governance.

Please pass this on to members of the group who may not have signed up to the blog!

See you on Thursday.

Miss Taylor

U6 Biodiversity new articles to read

More recent news articles to read … this time about biodiversity!

30th Nov 2015 Ecological footprints

22nd Dec 2015 US wild bee numbers decline as land is converted for biofuel – (Synoptic link with energy security too)

3rd Jan 2016 Ascension Island to become marine reserve –



U6 Energy articles from the Christmas holidays

Have a look at these news stories from over the Christmas holidays.

30th Dec 2015 Should we solar panel the Sahara desert? –

31st Dec 2015 How will Delhi’s ‘odd-even’ car rationing work? –

6th Jan 2016 How low can the oil price go – and what is the impact? –

6th Jan 2016 Oil price falls below $35 a barrel to fresh 11-year low –