Topic 1 RIVERS: Fieldwork Investigations            

Learning Objective:

To understand how to design and complete a Fieldwork Investigation to establish:

Changing Characteristics of a River Channel and its Water Quality

Your Task!

The situation: You have just been employed by a Field Study Centre in Snowdonia. Next week you have your first school group arriving to undertake a fieldwork day studying rivers. You have to prepare and deliver the teaching session that will prepare the group for their fieldwork!

So – in small groups (2 or 3) you will TEACH a short session focussed on an aspect of Rivers Fieldwork.

This means:        Preparing resources – PowerPoint, Prezi, Word documents, Google Earth

Understanding, explaining and demonstrating the fieldwork techniques and equipment that are to be used – issues of accuracy and precision are also to be addressed

You WILL be teaching the rest of your class, so the quality of your work has to be exceptional.

You will give your presentations on Wednesday 11th December

All the resources will be collated and shared.

The Groups:

  1. 1.       Explain the location of the river, sample sites, the sampling techniques and risk assessments
  2. 2.       River Quality – abiotic data – pH, nitrates, turbidity, dissolved  oxygen, temperature, visual/odour
  3. 3.       River Quality- biotic data – invertebrate sampling (Trent Biotic Index)
  4. 4.       River Characteristics – CSA, Discharge, Width, Depth, Velocity and Gradient
  5. 5.       River Characteristics – Bedload, Suspended Load
  6. 6.       Examples of how the data could be presented – link to expected findings from the Bradshaw Model


Fieldwork technique books

Prezi –


Weblinks –



WGS Geography Fieldwork resources: T:\Geography\GCSE\Edexcel International GCSE\Topic 1 River Environments\Rivers Fieldwork Investigations


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