U6 Unit 4 reading

Have a look at this PowerPoint from Medecins Sans Frontieres about hazard management.


It looks at the Haiti EQ (2010), Japan EQ and tsunami (2011), Sichuan EQ (2008), L’Aquila EQ (2009) and Van EQ (2011).

Slides 22-23 are useful for evaluating sources of information.

It uses Haiti as an example to explore the reasons why so many people die in some events and not in others. Earthquake prediction and communication is evaluated using the L’Aquila earthquake where several people were jailed after playing down the risk of a major earthquake. Section 4 of the PowerPoint is about the management of hazards so is probably the most useful. It contains a good explanation of the Park’s model. You should be planning to use this model in your report to show timescales of recovery. Haiti and Japan are compared – a very effective comparison. GPS and the role of technology is examined as well. Look at the appendix for an account of Haiti before the EQ, immediately afterwards and 6 months on.



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