A2 water conflicts – useful link to Nat Geo, wide range of supportive resources



U6 Unit 4 possible titles

To what extent does the risk of secondary hazards influence the type of strategies used to manage tectonic events.

Explain why a range of strategies are required to manage primary and secondary tectonic hazards.

To what extent do management strategies of tectonic hazards vary.

Level of development is the main factor influencing the strategies used to manage a tectonic hazard. Discuss.

Explain why it is important to manage both primary and secondary tectonic hazards.

Evaluate the importance of developing a range of strategies to manage both primary and secondary hazards.

Assess the view that it is more important to manage primary tectonic hazards than secondary tectonic hazards.

Examine the role of technology in managing tectonic hazards.

The most effective way to manage tectonic hazards is through preparation. Discuss

Try to create a plan for each one, detailing how you will adapt what you have already written. It is also a good idea to out an indication of timiing as well.