U6 Energy

There is a new 3 part TV series starting this Wednesday 9pm on BBC4.

Planet Oil: The treasure that conquered the world


Episode 1:

“From the moment we first drilled for oil, we opened a Pandora’s box that changed the world forever. It transformed the way we lived our lives, spawned foreign wars and turned a simple natural resource into the most powerful political weapon the world has ever known. But when exactly did geology turn into such a high-stakes game?

In this series, Professor Iain Stewart visits the places that gave birth to the earth’s oil riches, discovers the people who fought over its control and supply, and explores how our insatiable thirst for oil is changing the very planet on which we depend.

It’s a journey that will help us answer a fundamental question – how did we become so addicted to oil in little more than one human lifetime?”

There is also a wealth of current and relevant information on the website about oil and energy supplies that is useful for your studies about energy security. Have a look!!

Miss Taylor