U6 Biodiversity – Investigating Threats

For Mr Killick’s U6 Biodiversity Group – Friday’s lesson will involve the use of tablets and a Prezi, to create a collaborative work project on biodiversity threates

3.2 Biodiversity Under Threat

Learning Objectives

Global factors threaten biodiversity (from climate change and rising sea levels for instance) as well as local factors, which are often related to economic development and direct ecosystem exploitation, as well as attitudes to the value of biodiversity.

Developing an understanding of the location of threatened areas  in terms of both local and global threats and their results.


Using the resources provided, create a presentation to answer the following questions with regard to your chosen environments/species.

a. Coral Reefs b. Polar Bears c. Orangutans d.  African Black Rhinoceros

e.  Jaguar

1. Where in the world are these species/environments located?

2. What are the threats (direct and indirect) from human activity?

3. What are the consequences if these threats continue?

4. What strategies have been employed to protect this environment/species?

Throughout your work you will need to consider…

Scale: Local and Global Attitudes: For and Against Long and Short Term

Role of Different Players


You will have an internet enabled tablet to conduct your research.

and a Prezi ready for you to develop.


If you can you can upload direct to the collaborative Prezi – if this proves difficult – produce a word document and email to Mr Killick, when you have completed a question, email the document to:


Try to include a variety of media – maps, images, diagrams, report pdfs, video clips, website links, newspaper articles…

Time is tight so you have to work effectively and efficiently in your pairs!